Dr.V.Angayarkanni M.A.;M.Phil;B.Ed ;DHBM;M.D(Acu)Ph.D

Dr.V.Angayarkanni is the Consultant and faculty in Kumaran’s Health Centre with more than 20 years experience   .She is a Reiki master and Pranic Healer.She has been giving training in  the subjects such as  TCM ,Sujok ,Master Tung acupuncture and other micro systems of Acupunctureand Bach flower Remedies and Reiki also.

Kumaran’ Health entre  Institute of Alternative therapies :
Efficient and talented physicians and faculty are giving training  in all alternative therapies such as Homeopathy,Acupuncture, Acupressure, Magneto therapy,Korean Sujok Acupuncture ,Auricular Acupuncture,Scalp Acupunture ,Cupping and other micro Acupuncture systems,Reiki and meditation.

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#293, 1St Floor, Arcot Road,
Kodambakkam, Chennai, 600024, India.