Exterior — Interior. Nature of Disease. Hot — Cold. Relative Strength of Body vrs. Disease. Excess — Deficiency. Overall Character. Yang — Yin.

Four Diagnostic Techniques with pictures

Four Diagnostic Techniques with pictures


In Chinese medicine, we are able to use the following pattern differentiation in order to make  a proper TCM Diagnosis:

  • The 8 principles: Yin-Yang, Hot-Cold, Internal-External, Excess-Deficiency.

  • The 5 elements and their sequences. (Controlling, generating, insulting).

  • The 4 Vital Substances: Qi, Blood , Body Fluids, Essence.

  • The Zang-Fu organs: 5 Yin and 6 Yang organs, and 6 extraordinary organs.

  • Pathogenic Factors: wind, cold, heat/fire, damp, dry, summer-heat.

  • The 6 Stages: Tai Yang, Yang Ming, Shao Yang, Tai Yin, Shao Yin, Jue Yin.

  • The 4 Levels: Wei, Qi, Ying, Blood.

  • 3 Jiao (Burners). Upper, middle and lower Jiao.

  • The Meridians.

The 8 Principles are used to determine if the patient is more Yin or Yang, has more Cold or more Heat, if the problem is more Internal or more External, and if this is more an Excess or a Deficiency issue.